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Common Dental Problems in Children and How to Avoid Them

Frowning young girl applying pressure to cheek with toothache

What we refer to as baby teeth need a lot of care, perhaps even more than adult teeth. Tooth enamel is weaker in children, and any kind of vulnerabilities such as sugar, for example, can be harmful to teeth enamel, which can ultimately lead to decay. In fact, your kid’s enamel is half as thin as yours, so when the damage starts to materialize it occurs faster and is more pronounced. 

There are several kinds of common dental problems in children – we look at them below and also outline how preventative measures can be taken to reduce the number and the extent of them.  


The most common kind of dental problem with children is none other than cavities. The good news about cavities though is that assuming they are identified early on, they can be fixed by removing the damaged material and then filling them in. 

Regular visits to the dentist are so important for kids at an early age so that common problems don’t fester to become major issues. 

Gum Disease

Mirror showing inflammation from gum disease in young woman's mouth

You don’t need to worry about your kids getting gum disease… right? Wrong! Gums play a critical role to protect the bones that hold teeth in place, so their health is critically important for a healthy mouth. Your children’s teeth have to be watched closely for any kind of concerns that can pop up, but gums need to be given the same amount of attention as well. 

Plaque levels need to be kept under control, otherwise, the gums can get swollen and bleed when touched. This is the early indication that gum disease, formally known as gingivitis, is starting to set in. 

If this happens there shouldn’t be a huge worry as it’s fairly common and through improved brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings at the dentist, the problem can subside over time. If there’s any indication of gum disease in your kid’s mouth, you would be well advised to get into the dentist in a timely matter.


Braces Younger kids typically don’t need braces, but tweeners or children even younger are at risk for needing them. The need for braces can be reduced though by dealing with a common activity that some kids get in the bad habit of, and that’s sucking on their thumbs. 

Thumb sucking can put pressure on little teeth and it can start to push them forward. This can lead to needing braces or in some cases, even tooth removal. 

By reducing the amount of sugar your children consume, wiping your baby’s teeth and gums after each feeding, getting a good amount of fluoride intake through water, adopting a good daily brushing and flossing routine, and getting to the dentist regularly, your kids should have healthy mouths.


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