Providing people with a positive experience centred around, but not limited to dental care. The product for both, our team and the people who trust us with their care will be a better quality of life.


Dental Surgery Stoney Creek

When it comes time for dental surgery, we know it can be nerve-wracking. This is why we strive to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in our Stoney Creek office and provide patients with the opportunity to opt for sedation if they so wish. To bring patients even more peace of mind, we educate them on the technology we keep our dental office fully equipped with that helps us provide quick, efficient, and comfortable dental services. When it comes to your dental procedure, rest assured knowing we keep your specific dental needs and comfort top of mind.


We strive to provide dental service that patients need and deserve. We provide comprehensive dental services for your dental health, which includes restorative and cosmetic dentistry Stoney Creek. We strive to create a relaxing environment for our patients whether they’re just coming in our office to ask a question, or having to undergo procedures.

All Your Dental Needs Looked After Under One Roof

Our professional dental care staff here in Stoney Creek are passionate about providing patients of all ages with personalized dental treatment plans. Sometimes these dental care plans include undergoing oral surgery and we know this can cause some stress, but we’re here to look after you every step of the way. Located at Hwy 8, Stoney Creek, Ontario, we’re a conveniently located dentistry office that takes great pride in looking after our recurring and new patients.

Contact Our Stoney Creek Office Today

Ready to book your oral surgery appointment, or do you just require a general checkup/cleaning? Contact us today via telephone or by filling out a digital contact form whether you’re one of our recurring or new patients, and we’ll ensure your scheduled appointment time is convenient as possible for you. Our Stoney Creek dentists look forward to guiding you through our oral surgery with a professional approach to ease your stress.