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Choosing White Fillings For Your Teeth

Why should you consider white fillings? People who have amalgam fillings are often conscious of their silver color when they laugh or smile. White fillings match the color of the teeth and are hardly noticeable.

In the past white fillings did not last as long as silver fillings but this is no longer a problem due to the new materials being used. 

White fillings are now made from tooth-colored materials, such as glass particles, synthetic resin and a setting ingredient. Today many patients opt for white fillings because they blend in more naturally with the color of teeth and are far less obvious than silver fillings.

We will always discuss the various options available to you whenever you require a new filling. Most of us have amalgam fillings in our mouths because there was a time when they offered the best option for filling teeth but dentistry has moved on and other options are available.

When you come for an appointment, we will check whether your existing amalgam fillings are showing any signs of cracking, leaking, wearing, or deterioration. 

Amalgam fillings tend to creep as they grow older which can cause leakage and secondary decay. Depending on the size of your existing filling, we may suggest restoring your tooth with a white filling which is both aesthetic and functional.

How Are White Fillings Placed?

As we do for any other type of filling, we will drill the cavity and create a hole for the filling substance. This takes a little longer than for amalgam fillings because white fillings are placed a layer at a time. 

We remove any decay, insert the filling material and use a special light to harden each layer. It’s important to keep the cavity clean and dry while we’re filling the cavity.

After we have filled the drilled area, we shape the final layer so that it looks realistic, and doesn’t interfere with the way your teeth meet when you bit or chew. The tooth should feel smooth and comfortable straight away.

How to Care for Your New Filling

The best way to care for your white fillings is to treat them like your normal teeth. Perform good oral care by brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Visit us every six months for checkups and stay away from too many sugary foods.

A white filling in a large cavity might not last quite as long as an amalgam filling but it’s robust and designed to withstand the forces of biting and chewing. Life expectancy will be affected by where the filling is in your mouth and how your teeth come together when you bite and chew.

Composite white fillings can stain in the same way as natural teeth and can wear down more quickly than surrounding teeth. When a white filling wears down, we can add additional layers to it, unlike an amalgam filling which must be completely replaced.

Concerns have been raised about the safety of amalgam fillings because they contain mercury. Multiple studies have found them to be safe and many reputable associations believe that they pose no risk. 

We’ll remove your amalgam fillings safely for you if you are unhappy with them but the best time to change a filling is when an old filling needs to be replaced. As your amalgam fillings age and need repairing, we will replace them with white fillings.

What are the Benefits of White Fillings?

  • Unlike amalgam fillings, white fillings bond to the tooth, offering more support to the remaining structure. This helps to insulate the tooth from extreme temperatures and prevent breakage.
  • If you develop a cavity in a highly visible part of your mouth, a tooth-colored filling is a more aesthetic option.
  • They are not as sensitive as amalgam fillings to heat and cold.
  • Unlike an amalgam filling, it’s possible to repair a white filling if it cracks or breaks.
  • It’s possible to make smaller fillings to protect the integrity of a tooth.

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Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important and can help prevent cavities from occurring. White tooth fillings are a popular option and there are many reasons why patients choose them over other options.

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