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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile and Well-Being

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If you lack confidence and self-esteem because of the way your teeth look, you may want to do some research into getting some cosmetic work done to improve your teeth’s appearance. Visual improvements such as aesthetically configuring the colour, alignment, or position, are all common cosmetic enhancements that are available to you.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental mirror and porcelain veneers

Veneers are porcelain laminates that are very thin and are securely attached to the front portion of your teeth via the assistance from special dental adhesives. Veneers are an excellent solution to overhaul the visual look of your teeth and smile, and they come off looking natural and native to your mouth.

Veneers accentuate what you currently have for teeth, but address issues including slanted, rotated, chipped, gapped, or stained teeth. The size, shape, colour, and tooth position can be adjusted to your ideal preference. 

In just two weeks you can get the teeth and smile you are seeking out, versus taking more time using braces which can take a couple of years to produce noticeable results. Porcelain veneers are a wonderful way for you to look and feel great about yourself, in a short period of time.

White Fillings

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White fillings are useful to address teeth that are decayed, worn down, broken or cracked, chipped, or to close the gap between two teeth. The filling matter is intended to match up closely with the natural colour of your teeth so that it looks very native to your mouth. 

White fillings are also useful to replace silver amalgam ones which are inferior to the white ones. There’s less sensitivity to heat and cold with them, less chance of corrosion, and there’s also the aesthetic benefit as well. Old fillings can be easily swapped out in favour of newer white fillings. 

Crowns and Bridges

These are dental restorations which are effective in replacing missing teeth or to repair damaged ones. A bridge helps to fill in gaps left by missing teeth, and are permanently attached to the adjacent teeth. A crown restores the function and structure of a badly damaged tooth. More here >>

Teeth Whitening

This is a very safe and painless procedure to whiten teeth by using an activated gel that penetrates the teeth to beautifully whiten them. Stains are removed, and in just an hour, teeth can be brightened by 8-10 shades. With some simple home maintenance, the white teeth results can last for many years after the professional whitening procedure has been done. 

Common Questions about Teeth Whitening

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Before you decide to take the first steps towards getting cosmetic surgery though, you will want to understand a few key elements before you invest your hard earned money into a procedure. 

Here are four common questions we come across when discussing teeth whitening and are things you’ll want to consider:

What Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

Cosmetic dental procedures can be expensive so you will need to comprehend all of the costs involved in detail from beginning to the end. Dental insurance can come in very handy but be sure to understand what’s covered and what isn’t with your policy. Get a quote that’s fully accurate and won’t change once it’s time to foot the bill.

What Results Can I Expect From Teeth Whitening?

You will want to understand not only what results you can expect, but also what the potential risks are – short and long-term. Implants can affect speech, and other procedures can carry very different risks, and you need to be prepared to take them on.

What are the Requirements for Teeth Whitening?

In order to get many of the cosmetic procedures available today, your physical and oral health need to be in good standing. Be sure to have a solid grasp on your medical and dental history to ensure you qualify for the procedure that you want.

How Does the Teeth Whitening Procedure Work?

You will want to know the time demands of the procedure, the number of appointments required to complete it, materials and tools involved, and what’s expected of you post-procedure.


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