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How To Choose The Right Braces For Your Smile

Teen girl smiling with traditional metal braces

There are many reasons why your dentist will suggest orthodontic treatment for your child or teen, or perhaps you may be wondering if there are options for you as an adult. There are a few different types of braces, so when it comes to choosing the right braces for your child or yourself, we’ll go over everything you need to know below.

Metal braces are referred to as traditional braces for a reason. They’ve been around for almost 300 years and for good reason! They’re very effective and typically cost less than other types of braces. Metal brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth and are attached by metal wires that apply pressure to the teeth, slowly encouraging them to shift into the desired position. Meta braces are great for encouraging proper alignment, straight teeth, and repairing overbites, underbites or crossbites, including severe cases. Orthodontists typically suggest for children to begin their treatment between the ages of 8-14 because their mouths and heads are still growing, therefore, shifting teeth and jaw alignment into position is much easier. That being said, adults can still get metal braces and they are still highly suggested by patients over the age of 21 who aren’t happy with the appearance of their smiles.

Ceramic Braces

Close-up of woman smiling with clear ceramic braces

Ceramic braces work similarly to metal braces, but they look a bit different. Many people prefer ceramic because, rather than having colourful brackets, ceramic brackets and wires are clear or tooth-coloured. The brackets can also be smaller and more round, allowing for a more comfortable fit and making it less likely to leave scarring on your cheeks.

Lingual Braces

Most people have never heard of lingual braces but they were actually first produced in 1979. Unlike the other braces mentioned above, lingual braces are practically invisible, clear braces since they’re actually attached to the backs of your teeth and achieve the same results you desire. If you’re an adult, this can be a great option for you to repair crooked teeth, gaps, or bite issues without it being noticeable. Just remember that, since they are attached to the back of your teeth, it can take a while to get used to the feeling with your tongue which, in turn, may affect your speech for the first little bit.

Invisalign® Aligners

Wearing braces isn’t for everyone and that’s understandable. That’s why most orthodontists offer Invisalign clear aligners; virtually invisible braces that can give you an entirely new smile without people noticing at all. It can correct most orthodontic issues and can take half the time as traditional braces, however, the entire treatment timeline will vary per patient. The invisible aligners are custom-fitted and are made from clear, medical-grade plastic that is comfortable and completely free of metal wires, brackets and rubber bands. This makes them a popular choice amongst adults and teens alike. While they are removable and make for an easier time cleaning teeth and eating, you should wear them for at least 22 hours of the day. You’ll need to have new trays custom-made at least every one to two weeks.

Smiling woman with bangs removing clear Invisalign aligner from upper teeth

Choosing The Right Type Of Braces For You

Orthodontics have been around for many years without really changing its method too much. And in this day and age, more and more patients opt for some type of orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth, especially since our mouths are getting smaller due to modern diets. This creates crooked and misaligned teeth which, when left untreated, can lead to many other dental health problems.

Speak to your dentist today about the different kinds of orthodontics and what would be best for you. Children may enjoy having metal braces and choosing different colours for their brackets, but if you’re a teen or adult who wants a straighter smile, ask your orthodontist about Invisalign treatment. Depending on how severe your case is, they may suggest a specific course of treatment.

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