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Mohawk College

Located on Barton Street is Mohawk College’s Stoney Creek Campus location for skilled trades and home to the Marshall School of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship. It’s one of the largest apprentice trainers in all of Ontario and welcomes around 2,400 students each year. 

The facility is filled with modern, top-performing technology and job-specific training education courses for those looking to get into a skilled trade. By receiving hands-on training from true professionals, you can step into an actual workforce with ease. 

Mohawk College Stoney Creek

Mohawk College in Stoney Creek, ON

There is a wide array of specific programs available, such as Aviation Technician, Electrical Engineering Technician, Industrial Electrician, Plumber, Welder, and many more. Program lengths vary from two to three or four years. Mohawk College is, no doubt, a great school for students all over the world to attend. 

In fact, it’s actually been rated the number one college for student satisfaction in the GTA and Hamilton area for five years in a row. What’s even more impressive is it’s the first college in Ontario to sign an Environmental Management Plan. They even constructed a 96,000 sq. ft. zero-carbon emissions building that’s one of the largest in Canada called the Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation. 

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