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How To Save Money On Dental Care With Dental Benefits

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Many people worry about the cost of dental care and are concerned about how they would pay for costly procedures if they were needed.

Some people even put off going to the dentist regularly because they are concerned about cost, but this usually backfires, since not going for regular visits and preventive care, like professional teeth cleanings and fluoride treatment, means that you are more likely to develop issues. 

These issues build up, especially since your teeth are also not getting checked frequently, until they become serious concerns that are painful, damaging, and require more money to correct than if you had been receiving ongoing basic dental care.

Neglecting your oral health is never a good idea, and can lead to very significant overall health issues.

One of the best ways to save money at the dentist is through dental insurance coverage. It is an excellent way to encourage yourself to go for regular dental visits for the best proactive treatment.

For those who have dental insurance plans through work, this is a great advantage that will make a big difference in the amount of money you need for paying out-of-pocket costs.

Get Enough Coverage

If you don’t have a plan with your employer, or if you feel that your employer still does not completely meet your needs, or just for added security in case you change jobs, consider obtaining your own private dental insurance

If you know you are likely to be needing some more expensive dental procedures, and your existing insurance benefits cover only 60% of these expensive procedures, another plan may make the difference. You do need to plan ahead, though, as many insurance plans have waiting periods, especially for major treatments, so you should have your dental insurance plan in place in time to cover your needs.

Make sure you get enough insurance to cover your needs. There is a wide range of insurance plans available, so you can find exactly what you are looking for; an insurance broker can also be helpful to find you the best possible rates. Insurance coverage is coordinated, so together, two plans may cover 100% of your dental expenses.

Maximize Use Of Your Dental Insurance Plan

Always make sure to take full advantage of the dental coverage you have.

Emphasize Preventive Care

Prioritizing preventive dental care is so much better for your oral health, as well as your personal finance. Typically, a dental plan will cover a higher percentage of preventive care and basic dental services, so more of the dental care costs are covered. Many plans cover 100% of the cost of a regular exam and professional cleaning. Regular cleanings and such treatments are also the most low-cost dental care options available; any out-of-pocket cost is minimal.

These dental services are far cheaper than letting issues develop, and possibly needing major work like dental surgery with an oral surgeon, or a root canal treatment.

Early Diagnostics and Basic Restorations

Coming in for regular checkups means any dental issues that do arise are noticed very early. X-rays and other diagnostics are often covered by a dental plan, and help with spotting concerns at the earliest stages. A tiny cavity is easily corrected with a filling and usually has better coverage by a dental provider compared to more dramatic work requiring dental specialists.

Schedule Treatments

Where possible, schedule a dental treatment to optimize the use of your dental insurance and annual limits. If you have two expensive treatments needed, you may be able to schedule one for the end of one year, and the other at the start of the new year, to take advantage of the annual maximum for both years. Check with your dentist to see if this is possible for your situation.

Don't Let Benefits Go Unused

Benefit amounts expire each year. Don’t delay regular checkups or treatments, and find you have let your benefits for the year expire without taking advantage of them.

Know What's Covered

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Always make sure you know what your dental plan covers, and know your dental cost maximums.

Look Good with Healthy Teeth and Gums

While dental insurance usually does not cover the cost of cosmetic treatments, a side benefit of clean, healthy teeth and gums is aesthetics. With cleaning and polishing, not only do you reduce your risk of unsightly tooth decay and gum disease, but teeth are whiter and brighter, so you may not need a tooth whitening treatment.

Talk To Your Dentist

If you have financial concerns about work, let your dentist know. If you are considering treatment options, talk to your dentist about how much of your dental work is likely to be covered. The dental office staff may be able to help you and suggest ways to save on dental care by maximizing your coverage while getting the treatment you need.

At Orchard Park Dental, we make using your dental insurance easier. We will discuss potential coverage of any dental treatment as part of your treatment plan. We work with a wide range of providers and make it as easy as possible for you. We can coordinate pre-approval of dental work if necessary, and bill your insurance provider directly.


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