Providing people with a positive experience centred around, but not limited to dental care. The product for both, our team and the people who trust us with their care will be a better quality of life.


With Your Family Dentists

If you live in Stoney Creek or the Hamilton area with young children who require a new dentist or a general check up, we’re pleased to introduce you to our professional team of general dentists who understand what it takes to provide dental care, along with a kind approach to better oral hygiene for your entire family.

Dental Care For Infants, Toddlers & Adolescents

Finding the right fit for your children is important and we always want to be sure the children we care for have a good experience to shape a healthy lifelong relationship with our dental team at Orchard Park Dental in Stoney Creek, Hamilton.  We are parents too, and we vow to care for our children the same way we would want others to care for our own children.  We know it can be tough bringing your kids to a dental office, however, we take any measures possible to ensure they’re comfortable in our environment by greeting them with warm smiles, stocking the waiting room with books and toys, and remaining patient through every situation. Whether your children are visiting our office for their first-ever dental appointment before their first birthday or require their general six-month cleaning appointment, we look forward to seeing them and guiding parents toward healthier oral hygiene teaching methods. We truly enjoy working with children of all ages and showing them just how easy it is to achieve a happier and healthier smile as they make their way toward the next stage of life.

General Cleaning Services For Kids, Stoney Creek

Every six months, we encourage booking a general cleaning appointment with our dentist in order for your child to maintain their best smile possible. When it’s time for their appointment, our staff will seat them in the comfortable, kid-friendly waiting area (along with the parents). Once their dentist is ready, they’ll be brought to one of our cozy procedure rooms and accompanied by their parent if they wish.

Family dentist checking happy young boy's teeth in Stoney Creek dental clinic
Family dental hygienist and young girl in dental chair pointing at x-ray

During their general cleaning appointment, they’ll undergo the same treatment as adults experience – an exam, removal of plaque and tartar, flossing, polishing, and fluoride treatment. We know the scraping of tartar can be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary in order to keep their teeth healthy as tartar can cause a buildup of bacteria that’s harmful to their tooth enamel. The longer the tartar stays there, the more susceptible they are to tooth decay. If your child needs breaks during their appointment because they’re nervous or just want to ask questions, our staff is always here to ensure their wants and wishes are well looked after. We also encourage questions to be asked by both your child and you, especially if they have specific needs that require close attention to achieve a healthier smile

Flexible Hours For Busy Schedules

We know full-time working parents in Stoney Creek have busy schedules and may not want to pull their kids out of school for a dental appointment or take time off work. That’s why our dental office is pleased to offer flexible and convenient hours for all. We’re open six days of the week with extended hours into the evening so you can easily bring your kids in for an appointment after work and school. Better yet, our Orchard Park Dental office location is convenient too. Located in Stoney Creek on Highway 8, you can enjoy free parking and surrounding popular amenities before or after your dental appointment. Too busy throughout the week? We do our best to be there for our patients no matter what, therefore, we gladly provide dental care services on Saturdays once a month.

Your Kids Are In Good Hands With Our Dedicate Dental Team In Stoney Creek

Whether you’re a new or recurring patient, you can rely on us to provide professional and friendly dental care to your children through every stage of life. Improved oral health leads to improved overall health, therefore, we’re thorough with our exams, cleaning services, and other necessary procedures. It’s particularly important to look after children’s teeth so they can age without issues with their teeth such as decay, overcrowding issues, gum disease,  crooked or gapped teeth, and more. Our dental team is always here for you. See for yourself how professional our dental team is when you book an appointment today that’s most convenient for you and your kids. Our team of dental professionals and dentists who treat children every day looks forward to providing them with a custom dental care plan committed to suit their particular needs. If you’re in search of a new dentist for you and your child, book a consultation appointment. We look forward to assisting you and enhancing your child’s dental experience and quality of life.